The Nervous Writer: 5 Ways to Keep the Heat Off When Hitting Publish

Do you ever tense up while sharing new words? Here are a few ideas to help you unclench.

Travis W. King
7 min readMay 6, 2024
Photo by Niklas Hamann on Unsplash

Like many fellow millennials, I grew up as a people pleaser. In general, our boomer parents were overly concerned about “what the neighbors will think,” which led to many of us being overly concerned with being liked — with being approved of.

I still struggle with this worry, with this need for a thumbs up, and as a writer in the current social and political climate, it’s nerve-wracking.

It’s well understood that you want to elicit a reaction as a writer. A reaction means you’re doing something right. However, getting trolled and shouted at in the comments is not what anyone is after.

As I mentioned in my most recent post about why phone calls stink, I’m trying to live a calm and peaceful life. Getting all-caps shouted at by a stranger on Facebook does not serve that desire.

As a people pleaser, it can ruin my day.

I don’t want to spend another ounce of energy or another minute worrying about internet trolls or responding to an angry stranger who doesn’t like that I’m writing about my life in Mexico.



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