The Massive & Concerning Shift in Russell Brand’s Audience & Content

I guess what they say is true — everyone has a price.

Travis W. King
15 min readSep 15, 2022

You might know Russell Brand from his standup career, podcast interviews, movie appearances, or myriad cute Instagram videos of him taking an ice bath. If you’ve been paying attention to him, around and between the ice baths, there has been a severe change in how Russell Brand presents himself to the world.

I just got done arguing with some Trump folks in the comment section of a new Russell Brand video. Oh brother, I roasted them good. I’m usually a people pleaser, so it was a strange experience to just not give the slightest fuck, and to actually want all the smoke.

The five Trump lovers taking shots at me kept ignoring my questions and jabs and just made fun of my mustache multiple times. That's all you got? I love my friggin’ mustache and, really—it chose me. If I shave it off I wake up with a new full-blown mustache the next morning.

Note: If you’re a Trump loving, MAGA hat wearing, fan of the attempted government overthrow, I invite you to stop reading here. You won’t like this. Good day to you.

Chilly. Photo by Tobias Oetiker on Unsplash.

How it started…

I shared a Russell Brand video on my social media about two months ago, asking into the…



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