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Statistically, This Applies to ~97 Out of Every 100 People I Know

Travis W. King
7 min readAug 31, 2023

I have a great memory of arguing with two of my best guy friends (Will and Jerry, pictured below) while completing the two-week-long rickshaw run down the west coast of India.

We had a lot of hilarious arguments during that trip (most commonly about who was having the best day), but one that I still think about was centered around our differences in how we engage with social media.

Photo by Jarrett Nixon, aka Jerry. He’s very clearly having a worse day than me.

Here’s what I do: I like almost EVERYTHING.

Here’s what 97 out of 100 of you do: You scroll, and rarely if ever engage. You seldom acknowledge that you saw a post or story. Seeing how many folks are watching my average Instagram story and how few engage led to knowing more accurately this truth that I’ve assumed for a while now.

Shoutout to Casey, Consuelo, and my local artist friend Hakcman, who send me more virtual love than anyone else by a long shot. You three don’t need to read this blog. To be fair, there are others of you who I would give a B+ to for “giving social media love” as well, but 90% of folks get a D- or F.

During our argument, Will and Jerry were trying to say what I do is “weird,” which, if we’re basing that descriptor on what is “normal…



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