My Top 5 Books of 2023

My Reading Recap and the “Best Of” from this past year

Travis W. King
6 min readJan 18, 2024

At the end of 2022, I realized that I read exactly 20 books during the year. The nice round number felt smooth in my mind like a polished stone. I decided to check how many books I read in 2021 and was pleased to find a second 20-book polished stone.

Books are beautiful. Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

That coincidence or unintentional consistency (depending on how you view it) felt great. With a huge smile, I rolled the two stones around in my mind. I reviewed my favorite 10 books from those two years after making this discovery. I love reading, and I love a good book recommendation, so I decided to write a best-of recap and add to the fray of articles about worthwhile books.

I want to keep the tradition going this year, but I’m sad to report that I read 21 books this year. Not such a shiny stone. I didn’t split the last arrow, but I’m still pleased with the consistency, the grouping. That final book snuck onto this top 5 ranking as well.

The Reading List:

When We Cease to Understand the World
Station Eleven
Catcher In the Rye
The Humans
How We Fight For Our Lives
Our Own Devices
Can’t Hurt Me
Son of Achilles
The Silent Patient
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Remarkably bright creatures
The Every…



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