My 10 Favorite Tweets

Nobody follows me on Twitter, so I wanted to share these witticisms and truth bombs with my audience on Medium!

Travis W. King
3 min readJun 14, 2024

To be clear, most of these are not tweets, they’re “threads.” I never got into Twitter, and although I get ripped about this in a few different group chats, I’m very glad I’m not addicted to an additional social media platform.

One is enough.

I’m already addicted to Instagram, like most folks I know, so when they launched Threads I hoped on there. As a writer, I like the idea of a social media platform that leans into words more than images.

Often (read: when I'm stoned), I think of amusing one-liners or observations. If I like a particular thought enough, I’ll write it down. For a long time, those clever thoughts lived on my phone as a note called “Tweets I won’t tweet.”

Now many of them are threads I have threaded.

Either way, it still feels like shouting funny thoughts into the void because I don’t think more than 5 people see my threads. So, I thought I’d share them here. Maybe 50 of you will find and read them on my Medium.

Thanks in advance, and if you did chuckle at any of these, let me know which one licked your funny bone in the comments!

Foreshadowing… Photo by Geoff Oliver on Unsplash



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