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A love poem about my chosen home—Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Travis W. King
3 min readDec 5, 2023
Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

I want to live where people surf. Where someday maybe I can become a surfer.

I want to live where I know when a dog is lost or when a traffic accident happens.

I want to drive a moto under palm trees. I want to drive a truck down dirt roads.

I want to have sand at the foot of my bed, next to my dog.

I want to live where people know each other by first name and share the same beach town greeting. I want to walk down the street flashing shakas and saying “hi” to people. I want to say hi in two different languages.

I want to live where people grow food and prepare it by hand. Where the elders make backyard alcohol with a family recipe.

I want to play volleyball at sunset and then dance to live music at night.

I want to live where people watch the sunset and where the moon almost seems too close. I want to chop coconuts. I want to catch a fish and then eat it. I want to eat stacks of handmade tortillas.

I want to make new friends easily. I want to cheer for and learn from my friends. I want to eat mushrooms with them.



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