Author’s Top 5 FAQs About Self-Publishing a 5-Star Travel Memoir (Not That Anyone Asked)

I’ve answered most of these questions a dozen times. I plan to share this post in response to the next dozen!

Travis W. King
7 min readMay 20, 2024
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1. Did you write it?

Yes, yes I did. Next question.

It’s surprising how many times I’ve been asked this specific question. The story is so intimate and honest that my immediate reaction is—who else do you think wrote it? Who else could have written it?

After taking a beat, it’s obvious that the question is a backward compliment.

It’s asked because the person with the question doesn’t actually think I’m capable of writing something this good. I’m flattered, a bit dismayed, and leave the interaction wondering if you secretly think I’m an idiot who presents well.

To be fair, the book is really fucking good, and I suppose I would be surprised if some dude I know wrote a book as good. On the other hand, I think I’d have the etiquette to not be like, “You didn’t really write this though, right? I’m mean, come on, look at you!

I imagine this is what everyone around Anthony Bourdain thought after Kitchen…



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