How I Found The Root of my Travel Nerves

I’ve done a lot of traveling. I wrote a book about it. Even still, every time I’m on my way to the airport I’m nervous. It’s a nebulous feeling that I can’t hold, that I don’t quite understand. Surely, this should be normal by now. It should be like folding laundry or putting gas in the truck. Simple jobs that need doing. Go to the airport, get on the airplane.

The anxious tug pulls at me in particular moments. In checking that I have my passport for the third time. In seeing a line of people in front of me…

My partner and I bought a white 1995 Ford F-150 in Mexico City last year. On October 10, 2020, we filled it with all of our worldly possessions and our little black rescue pup — Rue Billy — and we drove it to the beach. Rue sat between us for two days as we slowly made our way through the mountains to Acapulco, then along the coast to Puerto Escondido, which is now home.

Our little team at the start of the drive—when the truck was still working fine.
Our little team at the start of the drive—when the truck was still working fine.

Fonzy, the old white truck, overheated and broke down every two hours along the journey, white smoke billowing from the hood like a fucking truck-cartoon. Every…

It’s part of our country’s DNA, but should it be?

Caveat: I know a straight, white, middle-class raised man is not the voice that everyone necessarily needs to be absorbing right now, but I didn’t want to fully sit on the sidelines either as the countries soul is bared and people fight for justice and equality. It feels there’s no perfect way to wade these waters at the moment, but I thought this would contribute positively to the future I hope for our country, and since I live in Mexico City, I guess this is my form of a peaceful protest and my attempt to do something besides absorbing, learning…

Mindful Living in the Time of the Quarantine

Any time spent reading is time well spent is an idea I’ve thought and shared for years. This strongly held belief is reinforced every time I open a book and learn something new, connect to someone else’s story, spill the creative juice goblet onto the floor of my brain, or simply become more familiar with the nuances of the English language — ultimately improving my speech and writing.

A few years ago, I added anytime spent walking to my mental list of life’s simplest joys that always prove to be a good use of time. Walking is moderate exercise, fresh…

Reflections from my week-long stay at a Buddhist Monastery

Note: I stayed at Plum village in mid-July of 2019, wrote the majority of this refelction shortly after, and never did anything with it until now. I hope you enjoy it!

I don’t have any terrible addictions, but like many thirty something-year-olds, I have my millennial buffet of vices. …

Travis King

Traveling, working, and living abroad for over 8 years. I recently published my first book—Not That Anyone Asked.

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