7 Annoying-As-Fuck Things New Digital Nomads Do

Look at my computer near this body of water!

Travis W. King
12 min readAug 1, 2023

For the three years leading up to the pandemic, I was the Director of Community for Remote Year, a travel company that was actively creating one of the world’s largest tribes of Digital Nomads.

Basically, I know a few thousand digital nomads.

I was an active part of the remote work revolution before it was mainstreamed through the pandemic. I watched the world accept what I already knew—work is about what you get done, not about what chair you’re sitting in for a certain eight hours of the day.

From over four years of travel prior to landing that gig (find the full story here), I also knew that having the ability to work from anywhere in the world was a life-changing freedom. Once you get a taste of international travel and the remote work lifestyle, it’s near impossible to go back to the corporate ball and chain (i.e. office desk and rolley chair).

Check out my computer and this body of water. Photo by Peggy Anke on Unsplash.

While digital nomads as a unique population set have exploded, it hasn’t been a universally good thing. Some nomads (whether aware or unaware) actively participate in throwing long-standing real estate and rental markets into chaos by expediting the gentrification of “hip” neighborhoods.



Travis W. King

Traveling, writing, & working abroad for 10 years. Former Remote Year Dir. of Community. Check out my travel memoir—Not That Anyone Asked—at www.traviswking.com