25 Things You Should Always Take an Extra Few Seconds For

Don’t look now, but your fly is down…

Travis W. King
4 min readJun 29


Note: This is somewhat of a companion piece to an article I wrote over two years ago (during the heart of the pandy) called “Making a Dog Happy and 24 Other Things That Are Always a Good Use of Time.”

That article was born from my daily pandemic walks with Eco, a very good boy, and a core belief I hold that reading, walking, writing, and hanging out with a dog are essentially always a good use of the limited time we have here on earth.

Don’t you want to bite it!?! Photo by Jana Ohajdova on Unsplash

This twist on that original article popped into my mind today after I cut a sandwich in half and thought, “That last two seconds of effort just made this sandwich, nay—this entire lunch—much better.”

I realized there are a lot of things like this. Things that take mere seconds, but make things far better—or, prevent things from being MUCH much worse. (Ever gone to the wrong airport on travel day? Opps)

Check out these 25 things that you should always take a few extra seconds for, and let me know what would go on your list. What are some of the most important seconds in your day?

  1. Cutting your sandwich in half.
  2. Saying goodbye to your dog when you leave home without them.
  3. Giving your dog a scratch on the head and offering a salutation in a goofy voice when you get home. (Hopefully, your dog is already losing its mind at this point.)
  4. Double checking the year, date, and exact airport of the flight you’re about to purchase. (I’ve messed up all three things over the years.)
  5. Seeing if there’s a real answer forthcoming when you ask “How are you doing?”
  6. Plugging the thing with low battery into the thing that gives it more battery.
  7. Making sure you grabbed everything (especially your charger from the wall socket) when leaving a place for good.
  8. Zipping your pockets or bag whenever you can zip your pockets or your bag. (Not only did I cut my sandwich in half today, I lost my phone for 30 minutes because I didn’t zip my phone…



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