10 of My Favorite Stoned Thoughts from the “Writing Ideas” & “Jokes” Notes in My Phone, Part 1 Of #?

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Travis W. King
8 min readFeb 21


Many of my favorite stoned or random thoughts made it into my first book, a memoir about my first four years of solo backpacking across four continents.

For the past five years—no matter where I was in the world—if I had a fresh idea, new realization, or clever phrasing pop into my mind, I would stop and write it down. This happens most often after I’ve consumed the right amount of weed and dots in my brain start connecting like a racket ball flying around in a tiny room.

Where the magic happens. Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I have multiple phone notes for these moments. One is called “Jokes.” One is called “Tweets I won’t tweet” (I finally did just start a Twitter a few months ago. Feel free to be my 29th follower). The biggest one is called “Writting ideas.” I found a way to squeeze the majority of these “writing ideas” into my memoir, and I think it’s part of why readers love the book.

However, if I couldn’t find a natural way to incorporate a particular “stoned thought” seamlessly into a passage in my memoir, it ended up as a bird trapped in the cage of my phone’s note app. I want to free these beautiful stoned birds (read: words).

Fly stoned birds, fly!

FLYYYY!!! Photo by Long Ma on Unsplash

1. I made my new password so funny that I want to tell it to everyone. Whoops.

It’s pretty fucking funny, and I’m very trusting. If we have a few drinks together I might just let you in on the joke.

SMILE! Photo by Jamie Brown on Unsplash

2. Smiling at strangers while traveling thing…it’s genuinely contagious. If the person isn’t in a bad mood… just a neutral or no mood-mood, they’ll always smile. If they’re happy…



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